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CallHippo – An Open-Ended Virtual Calling Service

Concerning VoIP and online business calling solutions, many companies have made an everlasting impact similar to CallHippo. But, this intelligent cloud-based virtual calling business offers a wide range of products and outstanding apps, best configured for individual users. It also provides personalized customer services depending on their needs. In short, CallHippo is a one-stop solution for all of today’s business communication needs.

In this review, I will cover all the details, services, and features that make this platform an excellent source for all the needs of the virtual phone number.

CallHippo: Company Overview



CallHippo is a remarkable solution for entrepreneurs and small-scale agencies with a fast-developing client base who are planning to install their own call centers at a low cost. It gives virtual phone numbers in nearly 190 countries and local phones beyond 50 nations. Moreover, this platform provides virtual phone numbers with interesting integrations to enhance customer experience which helps to gain more sales. 

They also provide extra features that are useful for tracking, improving, and enhancing their performance of any client. Thus, this is the reason customer services offered by this platform is quite renowned among all the customers.

CallHippo: Attractive Features

Voice Mail feature allows voicemails to get changed to text, sent to your email address instantly and automatically. It helps you to more quickly update them while keeping them stored in a format that can be easily accessible.

Ring all is another beneficial feature created to provide users to get connected to a single number to receive incoming calls. It helps in assuring that someone will most likely receive the call and handle it. 

Call Transfer is said to be one of the most helpful features provided by this system. This feature provides you the ability to redirect the calls from one to another line automatically. 

Call recording is often a prerequisite for business telephone lines as a support for customer service, quality assurance, record-keeping for the finance industry, and many others.

Virtual Team Collaboration (Manage Team) allows full communication and call management from a single platform together with your customers and teammates. Connectivity and productivity get redefined!

Call Queuing serves best for the ones which large call volumes. As call queues establish a row of incoming calls, allowing first-come, first-served calls that are handled by agents.  

Call Barging allows a manager to quietly track calls, by entering the call via a bridge, to the session.

On Hold Music, although it is not required, the music makes the wait a little more enjoyable during the hold times. This functionality not provided by all service providers, but CallHippo recognizes its importance. You can use their music options or upload your choice of custom music.

Smart Call Forwarding is a flexible function that allows every client to forward calls to several different devices, allowing optimal flexibility, less missed calls, and access at all times.

Call conferencing is made very simple. This characteristic helps in adding more people onto the two-way call, which gets converted into a three-way call.

Call Analytics helps in providing the complete analytics of the calls that helps you in tracking all the related information to improve understanding of the effectiveness of your team and business. This feature also allows you to track the working of your phone system along with the metrics of missed calls and other relevant details. 

Who Is This Software For

CallHippo offers a range of different virtual phone numbers and VoIP solutions for businesses and individuals. They appeal to businesses of all sizes from individual small businesses run by single entrepreneurs to startups to large booming enterprise companies. CallHippo offers plans to suit any budget, with subscriptions as low as $0/ monthly. 

CallHippo: All-Inclusive Plans and Pricing

Although many companies and suppliers of digital numbers are confusing and overpriced, thus, the straightforward and clearly stated pricing rates are what I am highly impressed with CallHippo.

Four separate plans, spanning from $0/monthly to a very affordable $40/monthly, are available when invoiced yearly. Although the prices are moderate when you choose to pay on a monthly basis. Each of the plans is as given below:

Basic Plan($0): 

The package is free of charge! Yeah, you read it right. Two people can use this plan, and though the features are extremely limited, it is a great introduction to the world of VoIP telephony. Calls are sent to your chosen phone, a free softphone provided, along with voicemail transcriptions, and you can work with the Android / iOS app. This software is by far considered to be one of the best to start using any VoIP services, especially for beginners, small scale industry owners, or individuals who work part-time. Although it offers very little, it would be great if you try it once. 

Bronze Plan($9): 

This plan is highly recommended and serves as a great choice for anyone contemplating the basic free plan, with a variety of other benefits and functionality at a very cost-effective price. This plan is perfect for the sales teams who are into outbound calling. I also suggest this to anyone who is starting to launch a company or small scale businesses as the extra benefits here are simply incredible. Features such as music on hold, call recording, multilingual IVR, and country blocking are fantastic add-ons to your digital communication system. As these are the apps that will do wonders to improve your customer service appeal. You get a very flexible, powerful VoIP messaging system for just $9/per user per month that can streamline so many processes without having to hire people to manage your calls.

Silver Plan($20): 

The Silver Plan from CallHippo is simply excellent for business owners and individuals who know what their needs are in terms of communication and management of phone calls. It is quite flexible than the Basic and Bronze Plans, and this package is a great choice for those with a higher volume of calls requiring careful, skilled handling. Each plan comes with all the features included in the Basic and Bronze plans at $20/per user/ month, plus other exceptionally useful features such as call queuing, free number, call transfer, and free incoming calls. From my point of view, this is by far one of the best subscriptions amongst all the available VoIP services. It is the top solution for marketing teams, sales teams, and also for a variety of other businesses.

Platinum Plan($40): 

The platinum plan is by far the most versatile, in-depth plan which includes all the available services. It helps enterprises, start-ups, and small businesses seeking top-level management to rise at fast speed. This plan also includes all the features which are provided by the plans, as mentioned-above, along with the other features, including premium services, personalized integration, and free incoming calls that make it both very generous and ideal for high-volume companies. It is also highly beneficial to simplify, streamline, and helps businesses that need efficient tools to handle their incoming and outcoming calls at just $40 per user per month. To companies that require the most comprehensive digital telephony service, I recommend this package.

Cloud Base Phone Numbers from CallHippo

CallHippo provides many different features and services, but cloud-based phone numbers are among the most significant things they offer that can make it easier to run your business. There are also various cloud-based numbers, digital telephone numbers, toll-free numbers, mobile telephone numbers, local telephone numbers, port numbers, and second phone numbers available. All these numbers can be used for many purposes and are highly versatile. Most people choose to buy a single number to use as a number for business while initiating their business. Many companies buy numbers to link up with marketing campaigns, enabling them to track individual metrics to assess the efficacy of these marketing efforts. Several companies have purchased hundreds of numbers to completely streamline their phone systems, allowing their communications to handle more effectively.

CallHippo Vs. Other VoIP Services

The cloud-based phone numbers provided by this system are not ordinary. Though there are various companies selling phone numbers, none of them provides services similar to this system. Therefore, it makes this intelligent virtual calling system to be the best option for all.

CallHippo’s Services: The Bottom Line

There is no better selection for companies in terms of digital telephone numbers and cloud-based telephone numbers than CallHippo. As with a wide range of services and programs designed to meet the needs of all clients, the solutions offered by this platform are tremendous, and also simplifies and streamlines processes to improve profitability and handle the company’s communication-centered aspects. 

The pricing structure of this platform is incredibly competitive, further enhancing its services as the best cloud-based telephone number provider on the market. 

To find out more about the deals, or to buy your digital numbers today, go to CallHippo and check out the available options!

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